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Few places in the world deserve the title of Nature’s Wonder as Iguaçu River Waterfalls. For their special characteristics, the site was named a Unesco Patrimony of Humanity. Riding a boat to see its 275 waterfalls, some up to 83 meters high, is a marking and unique experience.
Foz do Iguaçu offers excellent hotels and perfect infrastructure for tourists interested in seeing the water spectacle. The nightlife is very exciting, with pubs, beer halls and restaurants that offer the best typical food of the region.

The capital of Sao Paulo is one of the few places that bring together modernity and history in perfect harmony. It has staged important happenings from the Ipiranga River edges, passing by political and cultural revolutions, and also manifestations advocating for democracy. It houses hundreds options of leisure, ranging from movies to pubs and restaurants.

Capital of the country, Brasilia is a planned city located in the heart of Brazil. It houses architectural preciousness, staging innumerous cultural manifestations and wide range of leisure options.

The city is the greatest attractions of the country and one of the favorite destinations of people coming from all parts of the world. The first thing you notice when coming to Rio de Janeiro is the kind reception and joy of the local people, the contrast of the old colonial architecture with modern showy buildings, and the tropical rainforest meeting the sea.
Its mostly known tour attractions are “Pão de Açúcar” (Sugar Loaf), the Christ and Carnival, as well as the soccer, beautiful beaches, samba and exciting nightlife, in which, according to local people, there is always something amusing going on. These and other attractions make the City of Rio de Janeiro a truly passionate place.


Brazil has a lot of beautiful beaches. The Brazilian coast is 8,5 thousand kilometers of beautiful tropical sceneries, with warm and blue waters and sunshine the whole year. And this is more than enough to make you pack and come right now.
Salvador was Brazil 's former colonial capital for over 200 years. Now is home of the Brazilian-Afro tradition, with the characteristic of its foundation conserved.Thus, it reflects the powerfulness of African Culture friendly people.

 PANTANAL (click here)

 The Pantanal – Mato Grossense, is the great variety of  fauna and flora, was declared by UNESCO reserves of the biosfera, starting to integrate the quantity of the Natural Patrimonies of the Humanity.







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