Scope and covered areas - 8th BRAZILIAN SYMPOSIUM ON ESSENTIAL OILS - Simpósio Brasileiro de Óleos Essenciais - 2015

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Scope and covered areas

The Symposium scope is limited to essential oils and natural volatiles extracted by headspace techniques, like static or dynamic headspace, purge and trap and solid-phase microextraction. Essential oil extraction technologies, raw materials, by-products of the essential oil industry (hydrolates and related), synthesis of flavour and fragrance compounds and agronomical studies with aromatic plants are also included.

Extracts obtained with solvents, supercritical fluids and vegetable oils, even if they contain volatile compounds are not covered by this Symposium.

The definition of essential oil adopted is that of ISO 9235:2013 – Aromatic natural raw materials – Vocabulary, as expressed below.

Essential oil:
Product obtained from a natural raw material of plant origin, by steam distillation, by mechanical processes from the epicarp of citrus fruits, or by dry distillation, after separation of the aqueous phase — if any — by physical processes.

Recent approaches in essential oils and natural volatiles analysis;
Biological activities of essential oils and their constituents;
Chemotaxonomic studies related to essential oils and natural volatiles;
Volatile compounds and plant-insect interactions;
Metabolomics of essential oils and plant volatiles;
Breeding and agronomical studies on aromatic plants.

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